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  • Car model: BMW E30

Lock limiters for CLM adapters


Lock limiters for CLM adaters are manufactured with the use of CNC method for all lock kits, in particular kits based on CLM lock adapters. The limiters are mounted on the steering rack between the rack and the tie rod with the concave side towards the rack. The lock limiters reduce the maximum steering rack travel and thus the lock angle. The limiters can be successfully used in any car that uses the E36 or E46 steering rack.

Adjustable lower arm bushes for BMW E30 type UNIBALL-XM


Adjustable UNIBALL lower arm bushes with brackets matching the BMW E30 chassis.

The lower arm bushes are made entirely in Poland using the most powerful XM uniballs with a Kevlar insert. Unprecedented quality and durability. Brackets made of construction steel, threaded sleeves made of C45 steel. Product zinc galvanized. Uniballs in M20 size (M20x1.5 thread), fit plug&play with our widened lower arms for the BMW E30 and standard lower arms. 

Price per item. For the car you need 2 pcs.

CLM lock kit for BMW E30 with adapters


This is a cheaper version of our Lock Kit, which is slightly inferior to its older brother, based on custom knuckles. The main difference between our sets is the weight and number of screw connections and the lack of a "no-questions" guarantee.

The CLM steering sets for drifting were designed entirely by COELMOTORSPORT and are manufactured using modern CNC techniques for the BMW E30, E36, E46 and E8x (Series 1) and E9x (Series 3) models. The set was designed in a 3D environment and then underwent multiple tests on tracks in Poland, Europe and around the world.

CLM offset seat mounts


Seat brackets are made of construction steel, cut with an optical fiber-type laser and bent using hydraulic CNC press. Brakets are powder coated in black finish with the so-called fine structure. They were designed for BMW, but can be used on any brand of vehicle. They have a large adjustment range front/rear 90 mm, right/left 10 mm + additional spacers 0-20 mm The seat bracket were made entirely in Poland.