Fittings and connectors

Fittings and connectors

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M14x1,5 / AN6 connector for turbo cooling


M14x1,5 / AN6 connector for turbo cooling. The larger length of the connector guarantees the safety of the cooling hoses (they are far away from the hot turbo part) and the possibility of leading the hoses in any direction.

Turbo thread: M14x1,5

Hose side thread: AN6

Total length (end-to-end): 67 mm

Spanner Size: 22 mm

Gasket: internal diameter min 14 mm / external diameter max 20 mm

(copper or steel-rubber)

Material: brass

Breather hose connector for BMW M50 / M50 engine


The breather hose connector for the BMW M50 / M52 engine, allows the installation of the hose with a larger diameter, and the additional offset of the outlet from the hole axis in the head cover provides no collision with the fuel rail. By default, the connector prepared for a hose with an internal diameter of 16 mm. The connector can be made to any diameter.

Our durable aluminum hose connector ideally replaces the fragile factory plastic element.

Diameter on the lid side: 24 mm

Diameter on the hose side: 16 mm

Total length (end-to-end): 63 mm

Mounting method: push-in (thread adhesive or silicone recommended)

Material: PA6 aluminum