Terms of warranty

The products we supply were made using valuable materials and the latest technology, and have been thoroughly tested. We provide 12-, 24- or 36-month warranty (depending on the product) on each device for materials and quality of workmanship.

In accordance with applicable law, the sales contract has been concluded between you and the company where you purchased the product we distribute (distribution also takes place outside our company store).

In order to carry out the repair based on the applicable provisions on consumer sales (purchase for a receipt) or other type of guarantee under the conditions specified between you and the Seller (purchase on an invoice), please contact the Seller from whom you purchased the advertised product. In the case of a complaint submitted directly to our company, it is necessary to present a confirmation of purchase received from the Seller.

Note: Your product may be covered by additional warranty protection programs: manufacturer's warranty and / or distributor's warranty, under the terms of each of these programs.

Detailed warranty conditions can be found below.

These additional warranty protection programs do not replace the liability of the seller (issuer of the receipt or invoice) for liability for the delivery of goods in accordance with the Agreement. Based on the additional warranty program, you can repair or replace a damaged product in our company. To do this, complete the application form and send the damaged product to the company's address. The above-mentioned additional warranty programs do not include the cost of shipping damaged products to the company and back, as well as the costs of an additional inspection (applies only if the attached description is not sufficient to verify the damage).

Conditions of additional guarantee protection by COELMOTORSPORT Andrzej Krygier.

1. The warranty period is 12, 24 or 36 months from the date of purchase (depending on the product) and covers only defects resulting from material and technological shortcomings. The warranty does not cover the effects of natural wear and tear and damage resulting from the use of the equipment contrary to its intended use and / or the operating instructions.

2. Incorrect functioning or damage to the product or components resulting from improper operation, lack or incorrect adjustment or improper operation do not constitute grounds for warranty repair.

3. Warranty repairs may only be carried out by the manufacturer's authorized service center. If repairs are necessary, please take the equipment with a copy of the sales document to an authorized point of sale or directly to the service center at your own expense.

4. Due to the need to monitor orders, shipping directly to our company / service (applies to both warranty and post-warranty repairs) is accepted only after completing the online repair request form. To complete the form, click here. Shipments delivered without completing the repair registration form will not be handled and will be sent automatically to the recipient.

5. The purchase document with the product or component serial number (if applicable) on the reverse or included in the content is the only basis for a free warranty repair. To the product / component sent for warranty repair, it is enough to attach a copy of the sales document (all pages of the sales document containing product markings). COELMOTORSPORT Andrzej Krygier reserves the right to inspect the original sales document in justified cases.

6. During the warranty period, there will be free repair or replacement of parts according to the decision of the authorized Service of the given Manufacturer, with all costs associated with the repair borne by COELMOTORSPORT Andrzej Krygier.

7. Warranty repairs will be made within 14 days from the date of delivery of the equipment to the service center. In justified cases, a longer repair period will be individually agreed by the parties.

The warranty conditions arising from this document may be transferred to companies or third parties by informing interested parties.

Conditions for special warranty protection for CLM Lock Kits.

1. The protection period is 24 months from the date of purchase and covers ALL damage to the components resulting from its intended use, including damage caused by driver error or mechanical damage such as hitting an obstacle, another competitor's car, curbs, graters, concrete barriers etc. including cracks, fractures, bends of the swingarm or other part of the Lock Kit.

2. The special warranty protection for CLM steering sets consists in a one-time free replacement of a damaged component.

3. Only complete steering sets purchased from our company or an authorized seller are subject to special protection.

4. Special protection does not apply to Lock Kits purchased from the so-called "second hand".

5. Lock Kit components purchased individually are not subject to special protection.

6. Replacement of a damaged component will take place immediately after it is delivered to our company or the Seller and covering the costs of return shipment.

7. If the goods are out of stock, the replacement will take place as soon as possible as soon as the goods are manufactured and reach the manufacturer's warehouse. Due to the difficulties in obtaining materials for production, the upper limit of the waiting period for replacement remains unspecified. The manufacturer will make every effort to ensure that the waiting time is as short as possible, but this may not involve additional costs for the manufacturer.

8. When exchanging under special warranty protection, the cost of shipping (back and forth) is fully covered by the buyer.