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CLM hydraulic brake


The hydraulic handbrake can be installed in any motorsport vehicle. Mounted to the floor or gearbox tunnel with 4x M8 bolts. Powder coated brake basket, steel lever. material: aluminum PA11 and S355 steel production technology: fiber laser cutting, TIG welding in Argon shield

BMW 3.0D M57 gearbox


Used BMW 3.0D M57 gearbox. It\'s fully functional gearbox from used (moving) cars. We avoid parts from accident cars!

Clutch shaft 28-35 mm / 10 teeth.

The gearbox does not have an output flange (triangle) on the shaft side and a gear lever support bracket. These parts are available separately in our store as well as adapters for M50 / M52 / M54 and LS3 V8 engines.

It is the most powerful manual 5-speed BMW transmission that successfully transfers power of 800-900 HP and torque up to 1200 Nm.

Please check the shipping costs because this gearbox is heavy (43!!).

BMW M57 gearbox adapter to engine GM LS3


Gearbox adapter made of high quality s355 steel. Adapter cut with Fiber type laser cutter, which guarantees the highest accuracy and repeatability of dimensions.

The adapter allows the LS engine to be connected to the BMW M57 gearbox

The kit includes all screws needed for assembly.

Gearbox adapter made in Poland

BMW M50 engine oil cooler adapter


Oil coller adapter made of high quality aluminium. Turned and milled using CNC machnes, black or silver anodized.

the large diameter of the holes does not restrict the oil flow to the radiator. M 18x1.5 threaded holes adapted for AN10 connectors

Oil cooler adapter made in Poland

CLM lock kit for BMW E36


The CLM lock kit for the BMW 3-series was designed by COELMOTORSPORT and manufactured using CNC methods for the BMW E30, E36, E46 models. All models require the use of coilovers with a lower mount from model E36. The set was designed in a 3D environment and then underwent multiple tests on tracks in Poland, Europe and around the world. Users of our sets have won competitions around the world, and even in such exotic countries as Indonesia or Morocco.

Product designed and manufactured in Poland. The product design belongs exclusively to COELMOTORSPORT. The product is available on the European market under the CLM and DRIFTMAX brands.

Note: kits for each chassis model differ in dimensions and cannot be used interchangeably.

CLM offset seat mounts


Seat brackets are made of construction steel, cut with an optical fiber-type laser and bent using hydraulic CNC press. Brakets are powder coated in black finish with the so-called fine structure. They were designed for BMW, but can be used on any brand of vehicle. They have a large adjustment range front/rear 90 mm, right/left 10 mm + additional spacers 0-20 mm The seat bracket were made entirely in Poland.