CLM Lock Kit for BMW E8x

Complete steering kit with CNC knuckles. This set provides over 60 degrees of lock, excellent dynamics and ease of driving. Proven by thousands of drifters around the world.

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The steering kit is designed for the BMW 1 Series E8x. The set is complete and plug & play.

Correct (optimal) CLM suspension settings:

• Camber: -1 degree

• Caster: +4 degrees

• Toe-in: optimally 0/0 or 15 minutes per wheel (30 minutes in total) to increase the dynamics of the suspension operation

It should be assumed that a small change in one of the parameters/angles will not have a significant impact on the operation of the set. However, a small change in all parameters/angles may have a significant adverse effect on the operation of the set.

Each shipment includes detailed assembly instructions. The set is produced in two colors: red and blue, which are sent randomly. The set includes:

• CLM subframe with a set of polyurethane bushings and mounts (subframe is fully compatible with the factory engine bushes and mounts) with two sets of mounting holes for BMW E8x/E9x and BMW E36/E46/Z3 hydraulic transmissions 

• two CLM wishbones with steering limiters and reinforced pins (Meyle HD)

• two CLM switches with a set of screws of min. 10.9 and a bearing with a hub (we use hubs from BMW E36) with brake caliper adapters

• two steering rods (we use rods from several different BMW models depending on the steering system model)

• two rod ends (we use BMW E46 rod ends, the tips can be replaced with CLM rod ends with a uniball)

• two CLM relocators

• user manual

NOTE: The set requires the use of shock absorbers with the BMW E36 lower mounting - with three screws. Universal shock absorber adapters are available in our store.

NOTE: By default, the set of rods and ends is prepared for the E36/E46/Z3 steering gear. We recommend installing this gearbox due to its availability and durability. The BMW E8x/E9x hydraulic steering gear can be used with BMW tie rods OE 32211095955. The beam is not compatible with the E8x/E9x electric steering gear.

Please note that the kits for each car model differ in dimensions and cannot be used interchangeably in other models.

The product design belongs exclusively to COELMOTORSPORT. The product is available on the European market under the CLM and DRIFTMAX brands.


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